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Welcome to the Whitemouth Municipal Museum


The communities in the Rural Municipalities are home to many pioneer families including one incredible woman "The Iron Rose". Charlotte Whitehead Ross achieved her medical certificate from the Women's Medical College in Philadelphia in 1875 but she practiced medicine in the region from 1881-1912. She did this despite not being allowed to officially hold a medical license in the province of Manitoba. She was a true pioneer like many of the families who came before. There is a bronze plaque at the museum commemorating the Ross family.


Today, the museum boasts a 1929 train caboose that families can explore, a large antique farm machinery collection, a pioneer house dating to 1909, a large artifacts building, a blacksmith shop and a log trapper's cabin. All except the caboose are wheelchair accessible. The Whitemouth Museum is next door to the Lion's Park campground. Visitors will experience the pioneer spirit in this lovely place to visit and stay.

Come visit us this summer and experience what life was like for pioneers in the 1900s.

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